Author Topic: 3.3 WASync & VidSync  (Read 16161 times)

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3.3 WASync & VidSync
« on: May 27, 2006, 06:48:58 PM »
/vidsync <action> <nicknames (seperated by spaces) or channel>
/wa sync <nicknames (seperated by spaces) or channel>

do <action> with the players of nicknames / ppl in channel
<action> can be: play, pause and stop

For all those ppl who still have no clue what vidsync might be about:
(thats prolly the majority, lol)

Lets assume you have 2 friends. With these friends you want to watch the same video file, an Anime episode for example.
You want to watch it all at the same time, so you can brag about stuff happening in this video on the IRC-Channel, where you're hanging around with those 2 friends.

Now .. i did something like that recently ... one of us always had to count down from 3 to 1 ... if he reached one, we all pressed play. This method caused issues sometimes ... sometimes because of lag, and sometimes because of erm .. other stuff .. well, the result was, that we were rarely really sync, and we spoilered each other sometimes ...

Well .. here comes the VIDSync feature in ... now we don't need to count.
First, we all open the file we want to play, press pause and rewind it to the time 0:00
now one person just needs to type "/vidsync play #channel" or
"/vidsync play GTS SomeOneElse".

The moment he presses enter after typing one of these lines, the players of us will all automatically start playing the video file.

If someone needs to pause playing (maybe he needs to go to the toilet, or his phone is ringing, whatever) he can type "/vidsync pause #channel" and all three players go into pause mode .. when he's back he types "/vidsync pause #channel" again, and we can continue watching this video.

That might sound kinda silly, but its fun to watch stuff together with your friends, so i hope you kinda like this feature. Me and my friends do for sure :)

WASync is slightly different, since it tells the recipient to look for the file you are playing in its playlist, and play it if it was found.

The configuration dialog for VidSync & WaSync can enable/disable the feature and limit it to specified channels (so if someone you don't know does a WASync on some channel, your winamp doesnt suddenly start playing a different file).
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Re: 3.3 WASync & VidSync
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2006, 07:45:33 PM »
Good thinking, Explaining it all, Most of us don't know what its about :p

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