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3.1 The Settings Dialog
« on: April 08, 2006, 09:08:52 AM »
How do i open the Settings Dialog?
Thats easy, just type /gtsdllsettings in mIRC or if you have the "Use Built-In-Popups" Option enabled, right click into a channel window, point to GTSDLL in the menu and click on Settings

The General Tab
In the general tab you'll have to select various directories/files, to enable some of the GTSdll features.

Folder of DC++
Click on the Browse button to select the directory where DC++, oDC, or BCDC is located. If you're not using this feature, you can just leave it blank.

Used config file for Multi-BitTorrent Client (based on a Listview)
This one might be important if you're using the ABC, Azureus, BitAnarch or PTC BitTorrent client, because you have to select the correct file to make GTSdll work with them.
First you should look, wich version of your client you're using, by opening its window.
In the titlebar of the ABC window for example you'll find the version (see Screenshot below)

(the red underlined part is the version :p)

If you know the version you can select the right config file, in this case ABC v2.x.cfg.
You propably will have problems if you modified the order/added/removed some columns with whe ABC Tweak tool.
I'll explain to get rid of these problems, and even describe how to switch to the BitTorrent Experimental mode (you can display more info's in this mode), in another part of the doc some day ...

Folder of WinAmp
This is usually detected automatically, but if it fails you can still select your WinAmp directory manually.
It has to be the directory, where the winamp.exe is located.
Of course you can leave this blank too, if you're not using WinAmp.

Folder of eMule
You'll need to set the directory of emule here, if you want it working correctly in gtsdll.
Note that you need to set it directly to the eMule folder, NOT eMule\config!

Use Built-In-Popups Checkbox
Just as the dialog already describes: If this is checked, you'll have added a 'GTSDLL' Section to your channel and query popup(right click) menus.

Use Dynamic Popups Checkbox
If you have this checkbox checked, you're able to display info's of only 1 specific torrent file by selecting it in the popup menu. This feature uses a lot cpu, so its disabled by default.
(Note: This applies also to GetRight downloads)

The Colors Tab
In the colors tab you can edit the overall script colors, and set other settings related to the layout of the output of GTSdll.

The preview area
You will find this thingie useful, because you can immediately see any changes made to the configuration, and how it will look like.

Overall Script colors area

You can easily edit the overall script colors in here and can change look of the header, seperator and footer.

Any changes made in here are global, that means it will change the look of all script output.

For further explanation please refer to the advanced configuration articles by ChaosBlade.

Output Mode area

You can change the output-mode of all script actions to either "/me" or "/say".

If you don't know what is the difference between them, just do a /say text and /me text to a channel of your choice.

Advanced Configuration area

Advanced Options area

hide extension if format supported (video player only)
If this Checkbox is checked, it will hide the file extension of supported file types, like avi and asf.
This will work only for the video players, since its only useful there ;)

remove underscores
If this one is checked, GTSdll will replace any found underscores found in filenames with spaces.
(Note: The file will not be changed, it will just display it without the underscores)

Progressbar area

You can change the characters used for the progress-bars here.
There are two, because you can use different chars for progress-done, and progress-left.

Theme area

This area is important for all the people, who want to change the output of GTSdll without messing with any advanced configuration at all. Just select a theme in the dropdown box (the Select Theme thingie ;)) and press the load button, to see how it looks like.

Don't forget to save your own theme before doing this, by entering a name of your choice in the dropdown box, and clicking on the save button.

You are free to save your self-made theme and send it to me via IRC, because i will add it to one of the next releases, and other people can enjoy your theme ;)

(The themes are located in the GTSdll-Themes directory, of GTSdll ^^)

The About Tab
There's not much stuff here, but you can update you GTSdll here, if wanted ...

check for updates button
Looks if a new version GTSdll is avaiable.
Will change to view changes after been clicked.

If a newer release is found, the Update button will be enabled.
If you click on it, GTSdll will update itself automatically, and the settings dialog will close.
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