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1.1 Introduction - A word by the author
« on: April 08, 2006, 08:41:44 AM »

first of all, i'd like thank you for downloading my little mIRC addon (if you didn't yet: do it now :D).
I'm sure you'll find a liking in it, because the most people, who installed it say so ;).

If you don't know whats the purpose of this little addon, please check the section "Whats GTSdll, and why should i need it?" in this documentation.

I scripted and programmed already a lot stuff before i released this little addon, so i have quite a bit experience in mIRC Scripting (at least more then most people).
The reason to make an addon like this is simple - I wanted to show some people what i was watching with BSPlayer and i didn't want to type the whole filename everytime. So .. i thought .. why don't you just write a script (just like all the Winamp scripts out there) and this little addon is the result of this. Of course there are now more features, because i was bored, people requested it and i wanted to script somehing usefull/less ;)

After time my addon grew and grew even more. So it contains now a Winamp scanner, a scanner for various BitTorrent clients and some more stuff, propably not everyone needs and uses. But people say, it is better to have everything in one easy (okay, not always) to configure script as having a lot small addons wich are sometimes hard to configure without experience in mIRC scripting.

If you experience any problems using this script, please first take a look at this documentation. If you don't find a solution for your problem in there, take a look around in the forums. If you still didn't find a solution join my #GTSdll channel on and ask there. The operators and me will try to help you if possible (and if we're not busy or afk).

This addon is free, but i would appreciate it if you donate an amount of your choice through the left "PayPal Donate" button, because i'm unemployed and short on money right now :(
Of course this would keep me motivated to add more features and remove possible bugs :D

Ah well, i hope you have fun with GTSdll and will recommend it to your friends, so more ppl will like it :)

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