Author Topic: 1.2 Introduction - Whats GTSdll, and why should i need it?  (Read 23004 times)

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1.2 Introduction - Whats GTSdll, and why should i need it?
« on: April 08, 2006, 08:47:33 AM »
GTSdll is an addon for mIRC. If you don't know what mIRC or an Addon is, you propably don't need it ;)

Noone really "needs" GTSdll, but if you're using WinAmp, BitTorrent, ZoomPlayer or any other supported application, you might find it useful, because it can display various information, depending on used applcation and configuration.

Look at this screenshot for example:

As you see i (GTS) am displaying some information about my active BitTorrent downloads, the currently playing song in WinAmp and the playing video file in ZoomPlayer.
Just by seeing this, a lot people ask something like "what script are u using?" and want to know, how they can display the status of - whatever they saw - too.

About the WinAmp display thingie: I know that already a lot scripts with the same function exist, but i believe mine is one of the most (easy) configurable scripts i know.

Almost everything can be configured through the Settings Dialog:

As you see, you can easily edit the colors, or just choose some existing color theme you prefer.
In the Advanced part in this screenshot you can edit the output format. Like what info should be displayed (filename, filesize, duration or whatever, there are a lot of possibilities), how the info's are arranged and so on.

And about the other things like, DC++ (and some mods of it), BitTorrent (various clients), BSPlayer, MPC and ZoomPlayer: My Addon is the only script i know, that displays information from these apps on mIRC. (okay, okay, i've seen one, that can display the stats of MPC, but that one was just crappy :D)

So how about it, do you need it?

If yes: Download it!,
otherwise you don't need to continue reading this documentation ;)
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